Monday, October 17, 2016

Interactive Books

I think by now most people have heard of interactive books (sometimes called adapted books, or other names). I have fallen in love...and some might same have become obsessed with creating, buying, and making these fun books for my classroom. 

There are 2 great ways I use interactive books:

1. Independent Reading --> within independent schedules and work bins

2. Target or reinforce individuals skills and themes

Independent Reading
I love including reading as an independent task for my students....but there is typically no way to know if they are actually reading, understanding, etc. 

I don't know about you.... but my students are pretty smart...and they know how to quickly skip pages when I am not looking. 

Interactive hooks have helped take care of this problem while simultaneously making the books much more reinforcing for my kiddos. 

Individual Skills

My FAVORITE interactive books are ones about essential skills I already need/want to work on --- ADL skills, community skills, safety skills, etc. Now I can DOUBLE DIP--- I introduce or reinforce a skill such as "brushing teeth" while also working on independent reading, matching, and attending skills. This is a major WIN in my book!


I use interactive books across many subjects -- Math, Life Skills, and of course.... Language Arts. 

I also have books for the same skills across multiple different themes
- back to school
- seasons
- holidays

Here are a couple of my own interactive books you can purchase from MY TPT STORE. I love their simplicity and reinforcement of basic skills my students need lots of practice with all year long. 

CVC Flipbooks

CATEGORY Flipbooks


Math Skills- SHAPES

"I see" what color/how many? (BACK TO SCHOOL THEME)

There are TONS of amazing interactive books on TPT from so many creative special educators (I have MANY in my classroom library). Check them out and get busy making books -- trust me you won't regret it!!

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