Tuesday, November 29, 2016


I am excited to share some information I have learned about creating resource for re-sale on Teachers Pay Teachers. Many teachers are now creating our own resource. Not only can we create amazing resources that work best for our individual students.... but it is a huge bonus to make a little extra money to supplement our teaching salary.

I joined TPT a couple years ago but am fairly new to actually selling products. I found some time while I was on maternity leave to really put effort into selling...and now I am hooked. The desire to provide more for my family is very motivating! I am just starting to understand some key things I can do to help drive sales.

FIRST THING IS FIRST... Do you belong to Teachers Pay Teachers? If not, join HERE. It is completely free to join and get started. 


-  It is hard when you see others doing so well and you are just beginning... be patient! Don't copy what others are saying or doing---- be true to yourself and stick to what you know best!
- Trust yourself and your products.... you have a lot to offer!

- Make products that your will actually use
- Actually prepare your products
- Take photos of your completed products in use in your classroom

- Join Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest
- Create a blog
- Create (usually free) accounts for everything using your TPT business name
- Start posting quotes, pictures, FREEBIES, unique ideas, and of course... information on your products!

- Join groups on facebook and pinterest (ask questions, comment, and be involved)
- Follow blogs of other SPED sellers (there are so many amazing ones... you can learn ideas for your own resources and find great products others have created WIN-WIN)
- Join in on $ Deals, giveaways, and TPT sales when you can --> this is a GREAT way to gain to followers (its okay to start slow...it will pick up!)

- Create a button
- Make your page look professional --> Add unique banners, quotes, and links to your other social media sites

I found an amazing blog post from TEACHER BLOGGING BASICS that provides step by step instructions are customizing these things. Seriously...check this post out!

- Create resources you believe in
- Capture attention of potential buyers -->  Don't underestimate that benefit of a catchy cover page and engaging thumbnails


I quickly realized how important it is to make ENGAGING resources. I had many things I have created over the years for my own classroom.... but they needed a bit of touching up before posting on TPT.

Enter CLIPART... my new love.

A few important things to consider when choosing clipart:

1. Copyright --> TPT can help you with this and has some great answers to common Copyright questions. You CANNOT just search on google and insert images into your resources.
Most clipart sellers on TPT allow for commercial use of their images...with credt. Read their individual Terms of Use before purchasing products.

2. Age Appropriate Images
- I teacher adolescents with Autism... so I want to avoid "cutesy" images that depict young children. It's hard because they are SO adorable. Choose images that are appropriate for your learners or the learners you intend to use your product(s).

3. Cartoon Clipart or Photos
- Students with Autism often have trouble with discrimination. Many benefit greatly from the use of actual photographs as opposed to cartoon clipart images.
- One of my favorites....partially due to affordable subscription options...is
GRAPHIC STOCK. You can join by clicking this link.
          -- It has a one time affordable annual fee
          -- UNLIMITED downloads
          -- you can keep your downloads forever

I would love to hear your feedback on things you have learned as you begin selling products on TPT. What has worked/hasn't worked for you?

Good Luck creating! :)

*** AUsome Adolescents ***

Sunday, November 27, 2016


It is that time of year again.... Holiday Shopping time!

I have 2 little ones (18 months and 4 months)....so this year I was very excited to buy all of the fun toys I see everywhere.  I MAY have gone overboard and currently have an entire room or toys. I buy, return, buy, return...you get the idea. To be clear -- they need NOTHING. They have grandparents, Uncles, and Aunts who can't control themselves either.... they are two very fortunate little boys. Besides my toddler still finds our Tupperware, pots and pans, and "anything he is not allowed to have" most exciting.

On that note --- many of you are probably like me and have been developing a large wish list on TPT

It's time to make some of those purchases!

Teachers Pay Teachers is hosting a CYBER SALE 
11/28 & 11/29
Code: CYBER2016

All of my resources will be up to 28% off, so head over to MY TPT SITE and snatch up the great deals!